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Quick Response Unit

Dedicated Community Members since 1984!

The Filer Quick Response Unit (QRU) was established in 1984 with an all-volunteer 12 member team and a hand-me-down 1958 hearse “ambulance”; which was housed outside. Several years later, the unit inherited an old Ford ambulance from the Boise Saint Alphonsus hospital.

Starting out, the Unit consisted of 12 members (up to 22 members at one point), mostly firemen and their wives, as well as farmers, a nurse and her husband, several housewives, and factory workers. In those early years, the QRU responded to an average of 44 calls a year.

When the City Maintenance department moved to their new building, the Filer Fire Department took over the Maintenance department’s old building. By tearing out some old jail cells and remodeling, the Fire Dept. was able to make more room; with this added space, they voted to let the QRU use a vehicle bay to house their ambulance.

Being a non-profit, the unit had many fundraiser events to raise money for the  needed equipment and supplies. Unit members spent many hours at the local grocery store, taking blood pressures in exchange for donations to support the unit. After several years, the strain of needing to continually fundraise, began to take its toll. The Unit was beginning to lose members who couldn’t devote all the extra time required to fundraise in addition to the normal duties of being a member of the unit,

In 1995, the Filer Fire Chief went before the City Council to request $1,000 a year to cover gas, oil, and vehicle maintenance; and $1,500 to put towards training costs. He was successful in convincing the Council in providing the funds, and it made a huge difference for the QRU that still shows today.


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